Our Fence Panels

We have a fantastic selection of fence panels on site, available to take away and most come in various sizes. Our panels are heavy duty and great quality!

We also stock gates, some to match the panels!

All our panels are pressure treated and all prices include VAT.

Below is just a selection of what is available. More to view on site.

We also carry in stock H-Posts, these posts are just as they sound and the panels fit into the post to give a very neat look!

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Horizontal Lattice Top Panels

Great quality and strength! It provides a pleasing look to any garden, offering a degree of privacy, whilst the small diamond trellis adds character. The appeal and durability is further enhanced by the pressure treatment of the timber. This stunning 1.8m fence panels come in several sizes high:

1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m

Omega Lattice Top Panels

These lovely panels looks great when installed lower levels. Heavy duty and really good quality, these 1.8m panels come in four different heights:

900mm, 1.2m, 1.5m, & 1.8m

Wing panels are ideal to finish off a panel run if a full panel doesn’t fit.

Heavy Diamond Trellis Panels

Just as it says in the name, these panels are excellent quality and heavy duty!

These 1.8m panels are very decorative and will enhance any garden and come in three different heights:

300mm, 900mm, 1.8m

Arched Horizontal Panels

These traditional, continental designed 1.8m x 1.8m arched horizontal fence panels make this a very popular panel. They are designed to look similar on both sides therefore impressing your neighbours as well. Pressure-treated timber is used throughout giving added protection from weathering and aids longevity.

Privacy Trellis  Panels

This quality 1.83m wide trellis is ideal to let the wind through but still gives a little privacy. If you prefer something that doesn’t block out all the light. This is the one for you. This very classy trellis comes in different heights:

600mm, 900mm, & 1.8m

Elegance Trellis Panels

Our Elegance 1.83m wide Trellis is ideal for cutting to size or shape, they are robust and are not framed. Perfect for those difficult areas in the garden you may want to cover. These pressure treated panels come in different heights:

600mm, 900mm, 1.2m & 1.8m

Square Horizontal Panels

This is a cracking 1.8m wide fence panel for any garden! It is strong and elegant and comes in different heights! They can be installed with normal or our 95mm x 2.4m H-type posts which gives a better finish.

900mm, 1.2m & 1.8m

Cross Top Fence Panels

These high-quality decorative 1.83m wide x 900mm High Cross Top Fence panels is ideal stunning panel suitable for bordering areas in your garden. They also can be used as a balustrade for decking projects for the perfect finish. They are designed to look similar on both sides therefore impressing your neighbours as well.

Round Top Picket Panels

This traditional 1.8m x 900mm high panel is the perfect mix of security and aesthetic. This popular style of fencing is great for creating a boundary for children, and pets, without obstructing the view. A matching gates are also available.

Each panel has 13 picket pales (22mm x 75mm).

Please Note: All fence panels are made from NATURAL timber.

Timber is a living product. Although pressure treated, it doesn’t protect timber from the effects of weather. Without additional protection UV rays from the sun will weather timber changing the colour to silvery grey. Moisture will negatively affect the lifespan and performance of a timber product, so it’s essential to add a high-quality protective water-repellent coating to our product to get the best possible life span. This is best undertaken with a solvent-based treatment so that it can soak into the dry wood. A wide range of wood treatment products are available on request and at our showroom.

** FETTES Sawmill Ltd. Terms and conditions apply to this product, see top of page for details.

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