The Largest Range of Summer Houses in the Highlands!

Our selection of Lugarde Square & Rectangular Cabins are great for any size of garden. These superb summer houses are another great space saving solution without compromising on space internally. They are perfect for the average to large garden and will work well as a garden room for entertaining or just chilling out!

 There are so many options within this range and most can be upgraded and/or changes made, so there is bound to be one to suit your style and requirements.

They also offer a 5 year warranty**. High quality service is high priority to Lugarde.

Whether you are looking for a summerhouse, home office, chalet or garage and if you are looking for quality and individuality, look no further!

Make an appointment to come in to talk to one of our expert designers for a quote!

Please contact us for more information or make an appointment to come in to talk to one of our expert designers for a quote!

Our Summerhouses are available for a variety of uses and come in hundreds of styles and sizes, however, only a small selection of examples is shown on our website. All our buildings are made to order and can be adjusted to fit your own needs and requirements!

We also offer a full Bespoke service!

( ** Terms & Conditions Apply see to of page for details )

FETTES Sawmill Ltd.

Design, Supply, Deliver & Install a wide range of Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Gazebos, BBQ Huts & Sauna.

Call our friendly and helpful staff on 01463 871222 for details.

(* Terms & Conditions apply)

Some Square & Rectangular Examples

Below we have added a selection of Square & Rectangular Summers House for you to view. This is just a small selection, bespoke summer house and log cabins can be arranged, please call for details.

P41 Summer Houses

This low roof (≤ 250 high) summerhouse was designed by the founder’s son. It combines all aspects of a modern-day log cabin. Its 3.2 m² offers plenty of storage space.

P46 Summer Houses

This classic summerhouse has so much to offer. The double folding door, which takes up much of one side of the house, makes P46 a unique summerhouse. It’s so light and airy, therefore extremely suitable for hobbies!

PR5 Summer Houses

This classic summerhouse with a pyramid roof has two double doors, one of which is a folding door. This gives an amazing amount of light. Sit back and relax in your garden, where better to do so than in and around this beautiful summerhouse.

PR44 Summer Houses

Summerhouse PR44 has a low roof (≤ 250 cm). Utilising the Prima 3=1 system, this summerhouse with a flat roof is simple yet impressive. A lounge, a shed or a garden office? At nearly 5m² of floor space, the options are endless!

P45 Summer Houses

This summerhouse has a surface area close to 13 m² and the large windows make it light and airy. There are many ways of using this summerhouse. Maybe you need a studio, a small home cinema or simply a relaxation retreat when the weather disappoints? This model has a particularly classic and ageless look, reminiscent of a holiday chalet. What better way to get in the holiday mood.

PR19 Summer Houses

This classic and charming summerhouse blends perfectly into a beautiful flower garden. With around 14 m², this square summerhouse has plenty of room to make a beautiful garden residence. Could it serve as guest accommodation, an office, a hobby den or a dining room in the middle of your garden? There are no end of options. Use the 3D-configurator to create this summerhouse to suit your need.

B6 Log Cabin

This low roof (≤ 250 high) log cabin has a very obvious ‘wow factor’. That’s because of its unfussy design and the many windows and doors. This log cabin is therefore very light and airy. On a sunny day, throw open the large double doors to let the sun in. This log cabin is ideal as a home office, study or other hobby space. Insulation is always an option.

PR15 Summer Houses

A stylish and charming summerhouse with an eye-catching glass facade and low roof (≤ 250 high). With more than 12 m² space, it’s ideal as an office with direct views of the garden. Do you have a creative hobby and you need inspiration? The sliding glass doors ensure panoramic views over your garden. What more could you want?

P44 Summer Houses

This summerhouse with pyramid roof is a real classic. Its 9 m² makes it a medium-sized summerhouse offering no end of options. Anything goes. Whether you want to turn it into a large shed, a relaxing lounge or simply a spot to quietly enjoy a cup of tea.

B13 Log Cabin

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. A medium-sized, stylish log cabin with saddle roof. The large windows and double doors offer perfect views of your garden. The B13 log cabin is suitable for all kinds of purposes. The weatherproof construction makes it the ideal outdoor retreat.

B15 Log Cabin

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. A popular, classic log cabin which is light and airy. The 14 m² can be used any which way. All the large windows and the glazed door guarantee relaxed views over the garden. Why not transform this log cabin into your own massage room or spa? A home office or hobby den are other options.

B5 Log Cabin

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. This classic log cabin makes you want to relive hot summer days and holiday fun in your own garden. After a busy day, relax outside your own B5 log cabin, enjoying the lovely weather with friends in your garden. This log cabin will boost the appearance of any garden.

PR2 Summer Houses

Summerhouse PR2 with a low roof (≤ 250 cm). This summerhouse will definitely enhance every garden. The first things that immediately catch the eye are the large windows and the double door. This beauty offers enough room for a home office or a she shed. Would you like to adjust this model to perfectly fit it in your garden?

B26 Log Cabin

What a tough and modern low roof (≤ 250 high) log cabin this is. This 22 m² log cabin has two separate rooms, which can be used in a variety of ways. The largest room is suitable as an office, for example. After work, you can grab your garden tools from next door and get to work. Or how about your own man cave? It’s time to get creative!

B24 Log Cabin

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. This log cabin with a wall thickness of 44 mm looks like an English cottage, thanks to its windows and doors. The only thing missing is the afternoon tea. But maybe you have other plans for it. The 17 m² of floor space is certainly large enough. A wall thickness of 68 mm is also an option.

B33 Log Cabin

Doesn’t this log cabin remind you of an English cottage, with the adjoining fenced garden? Add a sense of rural peace and quiet to your garden, and create a corner of tranquillity. With more than 22 m², there’s plenty of room for a guest bedroom or hobby den. The small patio is ideal for coffee and cakes, or a children’s paddling pool for your children or grandchildren when the weather permits.

Lugarde B33 Log Cabin

LP93t Log Cabin

A classic log cabin whose many high windows at the front make it an eye catcher. The 26 m² of floor space is ideal for use as a relaxation room for all the family or as a guest cottage. It is equally suitable as a studio, with endless inspiration thanks to the unlimited views of your garden. Whatever you choose, this log cabins have a rustic look and weatherproof corner connections.

Lugarde LT93t Log Cabin

B23 Log Cabin

This log cabin measures 500 x 400 cm and has a characteristic asymmetric roof. A special feature of this log cabin is the two separate doors, which offer the option of dividing up the 20 m² space. Whether you want two small home offices, a lounge space and a bathroom or small workshop with office. It’s up to you.

Lugarde B23 Log Cabin

B4 Log Cabin

Take full advantage of the 13 m² offered by the B4 log cabin with a low roof (≤ 250 high). How about your own hobby den?

Unique features of this log cabin are the saddle roof and the many windows. This log cabin can be simply insulated, making it the ideal addition to your garden in the autumn and winter months too.

B32 Log Cabin

Unique features of this low roof (≤ 250 high) log cabin are its special L-shape and the many windows. The overlapping corner connections offer a rustic look while being weatherproof. This 17 m² log cabin is divided into two separate rooms with a connecting door. The log cabin is therefore very useful as office space. Or you could use one room to store your garden tools and the other for your favourite hobby. This unique construction system makes this model extremely sturdy.

Lugarde B32 Log Cabin

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