Barrettine Timber Cut End Preserver

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Provides a water repellent finish on pressure treated timber which has been cut or drilled in any way to expose the untreated inner wood. A high quality deep penetrating wood preserver for protection against wet rot, insect attack and wood discolouring fungi.

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Barrettine 1 litre (Green) Timber Cut End Wood Preserver penetrates into the exposed end grains of wood to provide a water-repellent finish after it’s been cut or drilled. It’s a long term solution for common issues with timber and protects any pressure treated wood against fungal decay and wood boring insect attacks.

Formulated to be used on pressure-treated timber, the resins and oils in this preserver are formulated to give a long lasting effect, which saves you time as you won’t need to keep reapplying it. 180ml treats a square metre. It’s easy to apply with a brush. The liquid is rainproof within just 90 minutes, ideal for external applications like decking or summer houses. Plus, it dries fully within 12 hours.

  • Water repellent finish
  • For pressure treated timber that’s been cut, drilled or exposed
  • Ideal for decking boards or summer houses
  • Protects against fungal decay, wet rot and discolouring fungus
  • Also protects against wood boring insects
  • Resins and oils provide a long lasting effect
  • Drying time of 12 hours – rain proof in 90 minutes
  • Easy application with brush
  • Coverage 5-6m2 (180ml per square metre coverage)
  • Active ingredients: Tebuconazole, IPBC and Permethrin
  • Protects timber from blue stain

After application, clean tools immediately after use with Barrettine White Spirit or Brush Cleaner.

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