The Largest Range of Summer Houses in the Highlands!

Our selection of Oval & Corner Summer Houses are great for any size of garden. These superb summer houses are another great space saving solution without compromising on space internally. They are perfect for the average to large garden and will work well as a garden room for entertaining or just chilling out!

 There are so many options within this range and most can be upgraded and/or changes made, so there is bound to be one to suit your style and requirements.

They also offer a 5 year warranty**. High quality service is high priority to Lugarde.

Whether you are looking for a summerhouse, home office, chalet or garage and if you are looking for quality and individuality, look no further!

Make an appointment to come in to talk to one of our expert designers for a quote!

Please contact us for more information or make an appointment to come in to talk to one of our expert designers for a quote!

Our Summerhouses are available for a variety of uses and come in hundreds of styles and sizes, however, only a small selection of examples is shown on our website. All our buildings are made to order and can be adjusted to fit your own needs and requirements!

We also offer a full Bespoke service!

( ** Terms & Conditions Apply see to of page for details )

FETTES Sawmill Ltd.

Design, Supply, Deliver & Install a wide range of Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Gazebos, BBQ Huts & Sauna.

Call our friendly and helpful staff on 01463 871222 for details.

(* Terms & Conditions apply)

Some Oval & Corner Examples

Below we have added a selection of Oval & Corner Summers House for you to view. This is just a small selection, bespoke summer house and log cabins can be arranged, please call for details.

P897 Summer Houses

Classic, stylish and ageless – those are the best possible descriptions of this model. The Prima 3 = 1 construction system makes this summerhouse weatherproof. The many windows make it extremely light and airy and therefore particularly suitable as a hobby den.

P898 Summer Houses

A classic and stylish round summerhouse. The shape alone makes this novel a true eye catcher – you don’t often see octagonal summerhouses! The floor area of 9 m² is large enough for a home office, allowing you to work in the relaxing ambience of your garden.

P891 Summer Houses

This impressive summerhouse measures more than 13 m² and the large windows and doors make it light and airy. Your views of the garden guarantee you enough inspiration, tranquillity and relaxation.

P5D2 Summer Houses

This is a real Lugarde classic. This summerhouse has striking crossbar windows and doors and a stylish pyramid roof. This summerhouse is divided into two compartments. Alongside the large room, there is a smaller room suitable for storage, for example. All our doors have 3-point locks, and so does this summerhouse therefore.

P58 Summer Houses

This summerhouse will even fit in the smallest corner of your garden. That’s thanks to the pentagonal shape. The windows and doors have crossbars, to give this summerhouse a classic look. Can you imagine yourself sitting outside this beautiful corner summerhouse with friends and family on a summer evening.

VS503 Summer Houses

This classic and charming summerhouse blends perfectly into a beautiful flower garden. With around 14 m², this square summerhouse has plenty of room to make a beautiful garden residence. Could it serve as guest accommodation, an office, a hobby den or a dining room in the middle of your garden? There are no end of options. Use the 3D-configurator to create this summerhouse to suit your need.

P52 Log Cabin

This corner summerhouse with pyramid roof can be your private, daydreaming location. Its playful design will give your garden a warm and inviting atmosphere. Crossbars in the windows and doors give this summerhouse a classic look.

P5L Summer Houses

This is an extremely romantic low roof (≤ 250 high) summerhouse. Even in the smallest garden, the P5L summerhouse with its charming 6.8 m² dimensions and pentagonal shape feels perfectly at home. How about creating a kitchenette in this summerhouse in order to convert it into a fun and practical outdoor area?

P5D8 Summer Houses

This classic summerhouse has a striking pentagonal shape. Thanks to its shape, it will fit perfectly in any unused corner of your garden. This summerhouse has two separate rooms, each with their own entrance. This allows you to divide the summerhouse into an office and storage space, for example. Or how about your own studio? Create this summerhouse to suit your needs.

P83 Summer House

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. This octagonal summerhouse is very light and airy, and is a real eye catcher. The crossbar windows and doors are particularly striking. With a cross-section of only 250 cm, this summerhouse will fit in any garden.

P5D6 Summer House

This corner summerhouse measuring nearly 20 m² has plenty of space to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family. The double doors and high windows always give you fantastic free views of your garden. Another feature is the two separate rooms. The second room is not directly visible, as it’s at the side of the summerhouse. The smaller room has a floor area of 6.4 m

P568 Summer House

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. This classic log cabin makes you want to relive hot summer days and holiday fun in your own garden. After a busy day, relax outside your own B5 log cabin, enjoying the lovely weather with friends in your garden. This log cabin will boost the appearance of any garden.

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