The Largest Range of Summer Houses in the Highlands!

Our selection of Lugarde Large Model Cabins are great for any size of garden. These superb summer houses are another great space saving solution without compromising on space internally. They are perfect for the average to large garden and will work well as a garden room for entertaining or just chilling out!

There are so many options within this range and most can be upgraded and/or changes made, so there is bound to be one to suit your style and requirements.

They also offer a 5 year warranty**. High quality service is high priority to Lugarde.

Whether you are looking for a summerhouse, home office, chalet or garage and if you are looking for quality and individuality, look no further!

Make an appointment to come in to talk to one of our expert designers for a quote!

Please contact us for more information or make an appointment to come in to talk to one of our expert designers for a quote!

Our Summerhouses are available for a variety of uses and come in hundreds of styles and sizes, however, only a small selection of examples is shown on our website. All our buildings are made to order and can be adjusted to fit your own needs and requirements!

We also offer a full Bespoke service!

( ** Terms & Conditions Apply see to of page for details )

FETTES Sawmill Ltd.

Design, Supply, Deliver & Install a wide range of Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Gazebos, BBQ Huts & Sauna.

Call our friendly and helpful staff on 01463 871222 for details.

(* Terms & Conditions apply)

Large Model Examples

Below we have added a selection of Large Model Summers House & Log Cabins for you to view. This is just a small selection, bespoke summer house and log cabins can be arranged, please call for details.

B28 Log Cabin

Log cabin B28 is a nice spacious log cabin with the possibility to divide several spaces in the log cabin. By placing inner walls, you can divide the log cabin into different parts.

Think of a separate storage space, an extra office or maybe even a toilet. With dimensions of 7.50 metres by 3.50 metres, this is a spacious log cabin.

PR52 Summer Houses

A great summer house made of spruce with a very modern look. Of course, it can be fully tailored to your wishes.

The summer house with flat roof decorates your garden like an ornament. Ideal to use as an office, garden room, storage room or extra room. Will this summer house be in your garden soon?

B43 Log Cabin

This log cabin has that Wild West feeling. It’s up to you whether you transform it into a saloon. The 22 m² interior is certainly large enough to do so. It would also be very suitable as a hobby den or relaxation space. The patio offers plenty of room to spend some quality time with your friends or family.

Thanks to the unique construction, this log cabin not only has a rustic look but also weatherproof corner connections.

B22 Log Cabin

The B22 log cabin is one of our best selling models. And not without reason. The many windows make the 19 m² interior extremely light and airy. The volume is no less than 56 m³. The standard wall thickness is 44 mm but our dealers will be pleased to order this log cabin in a 68 mm version.

This log cabin more than just a log cabin. When insulated, you should think of it as small ‘second home’.

VSB10 Log Cabin

The large front patio is the ideal place to relax with drinks in a swing, during summer months. Alternatively, you can create a seating area for a nice cup of coffee or tea outdoors. The two entrances to this 22 m² log cabin make it ideal for division into two rooms. How about office space or guest bedrooms? A large music room, hobby den or games room are also all possible.

However you design your log cabin, it will be weatherproof thanks to our unique construction method.

B51 Log Cabin

This log cabin feels like it belongs at home in a woodland setting. In the garden too, this log cabin gives an idyllic atmosphere. This log cabin has an interior of no less than 32 m² and a patio out front.

This cosy model allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Why not create a comfortable seating area, a guest bedroom or a relaxing corner in which you can sit and daydream. There’s another great surprise round the back. Here is the entrance to a separate room in which your garden tools can be stored.

B69 Log Cabin

Cabin B69 is one of the largest summer houses in the range. With a size of 16.90 by 13.40 metres, you can set up this summer house entirely to your own liking. The possibilities are endless.

The total surface area of this house offers enough space to turn it into a second home, including bathroom, kitchen and bedroom(s).

PR59 Summer Houses

A great summer house that fits perfectly in a spacious garden. With its width of nine meters, this summer house is a full-fledged additional space. The glass walls provide optimal views and lots of light in the summer house.

It will be a pleasure to enjoy your garden night after night. Can you see yourself sitting here with friends and family?

B55 Log Cabin

The striking design of log cabin B55 clearly distinguishes it from most other log cabins. The combination of diamond cut logs and the apex roof gives it a rustic yet very modern image.

The surface area of 30 m2 and the abundance of windows allows you to expand your living space outdoors by setting up a guest house or a home office. Would you like to use your outdoor living space all year round? This log cabin, with a wall thickness of 44 mm, can be simply insulated, making it suitable for living during the autumn and winter as well.

B36 Log Cabin

All you need to do to complete the picture is to buy a swing or hang mat. We’ll provide the ultimate holiday feeling, thanks to this log cabin.

The 20 m² interior could be used as a music room, hobby den, dining room or (outdoor) kitchen, allowing you to barbecue on the veranda.

This log cabin is built using a spring and groove stacking system, making it fully weatherproof.

B54 Log Cabin

A cosy and extremely versatile log cabin. On warm summer evenings, the veranda over the total width of 850 cm, offers plenty of space for a fun barbecue. And when the evenings cool down, the adjacent log cabin is the ideal retreat, or simply a storage area for your garden tools.

This log cabin has a floor area of 25 m² and can be divided into a number of rooms, making it even more versatile. What ever you choose, the three glazed doors guarantee perfect views of your garden.

B41 Log Cabin

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. The large windows at the front of this log cabin offer perfect views of your garden. This makes the log cabin ideal as a recreational chalet. But it will also look pretty good in your garden.

The impressive 28 m² of floor space allows you to create a holiday cottage or guest cottage. In your garden, it could be a place for you and your family to chill. Simply add a large dining table and you can organise parties. The unique construction system makes this 800 x 400 cm log cabin completely weatherproof.

B53 Log Cabin

This log cabin makes it sound and classic first impression, but has a few surprises in store. The B53 has a large and impressive front overhang, for example, with plenty of room for a swing or seating area, the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea in your garden.

The windows and glazed doors make it light and airy, giving unrestricted views of your garden. The interior space is approximately 45 m². It’s divided into two rooms and a separate storage space. This allows you to use this log cabin in various ways and layouts. Our log cabin system has a rustic look, and weatherproof corner connections, just like our summerhouses

B57 Log Cabin

This log cabin resembles a seaside holiday chalet, so why not make the most of that atmosphere? The 33 m² space is divided into two rooms, affording sleeping room for a number of guests if you hold a party, for example. Or why not transform one into a living room and the other a relaxing room, complete with music installation and comfortable armchair?

The front overhang stretches over the entire width of 950 cm, giving you more than enough space to stretch out for a nap in the sun or enjoy your garden from your recliner. The robust and unique construction keeps the interior dry and well protected from the wind.

B52 Log Cabin

This spacious log cabin is 34.4 m² which can be designed entirely to your needs. Maybe you’ll create a hairdressing salon, like one of our customers – this log cabin offers endless opportunities to make your dreams come true.

A guest cottage, exhibition space for your artworks or a recreational area with a table football game, sports mat and dartboard – whatever you like. The stable construction guarantees weatherproof corner connections.

LP98b Log Cabin

The interior space of the log cabin is 19 m². It also has a large veranda open on two sides, which offers plenty of protection if the weather fails you. The interior has two separate entrances, enabling you to design the log cabin as you think fit. It could house two small offices or a guest cottage, for example. Anything goes in this log cabin.

The patio is the ideal location for a cup of tea and a game played with your children or grandchildren. All our log cabins have a particularly stable construction, making them weatherproof.

B62 Log Cabin

Low roof available (≤ 250 cm) without additional costs. This impressive log cabin has a surface area of over 18m2 and is standardly supplied with roof shingles.

This model is a classic style log cabin, providing a rural yet sophisticated atmosphere. Log cabin B62 is spacious enough for an additional outdoor living space, for example, a home office. In fact, it’s hardly even a garden house at all – it’s more similar to a guest cottage or a holiday home where you can bring all of your family and friends together.

B67 Log Cabin

This spruce log cabin will certainly not look out of place in your garden. Thanks to the large glass garden doors, the log cabin catches a lot of daylight, which makes it great for creating a seating area inside. Would you rather sit outside in the fresh air? Then you can also choose to create a seating area under the awning.

G11 Log Cabin

This log cabin system offers all the advantages of a canopy, garage and summer house in one! With a size of 14 by 4 metres, log cabin G11 offers all the space you need to store your belongings, park your vehicle and create a cosy seating corner

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