Rose Garden Arch

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All product photographs and images are for illustration purpose only and may differ in colour and style. Timber is a natural product which is affected by temperature and moisture, it can expand, fade, warp, crack or split. This will not diminish the overall quality of the products supplied and is not a default in manufacturing processes.

Rose Garden Arch

Our Rose Garden Arch is a superb way to add characters your garden and change the look. This item is flat packed for easy transportation

  Rose Garden Arch

This is a solid and substantial Garden Arch offering an attractive  planed square trellis to the sides and a conventional square pergola style top section makes it an ideal choice for any garden.

A lovely solid garden arch ideal for Training climbing plants and would complement any garden. Hand crafted and British Made, This Arch is eco-friendly because we only use timber from Scandinavian forests that are protected by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Where trees are cut down responsibly and many more are replanted in their place. Also the fact that we go to the extra effort of having our timber pressure treated means that it is protected against the elements for up to 15 years. A lot of the garden accessories on the market nowadays is made to last for as little as three or four years, therefore, our products will last nearly four times as long, putting less of a strain on this beautiful planet’s natural resources.

Our premium Rose Garden Arch is available in two sizes to meet your needs and desired application.

Product Facts:

  • Two opening sizes available
  • Handmade in the UK
  • 25 year recommended timber life span
  • No painting needed
  • Comfortable design
  • Substantial Arch
  • Pressure treated Swedish Redwood
  • Comes flat Packed

Common Usage:

  • Gate Archway
  • Path Archway
  • Plant Trainer

Note: This product may require additional anchorage (not supplied) if installed in a windy or open area.


HEIGHT:    2000mm HEIGHT:    2000mm
WIDTH:     1340mm (4′) WIDTH:     1040mm (3′)
DEPTH:     500mm DEPTH:     500mm
WEIGHT:   30kg est WEIGHT:   27kg est
OPENING: 1200mm OPENING: 900mm

Additional timber protection is advised to prolong the life of this product. See terms and conditions on the page header before submitting your order.

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Dimensions N/A

1040mm (3'), 1340mm (4')

Self Assembly Required:


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FETTES Wood Products

Please Note: Timber is a living product and will eventually need replacing. Although the wood preservative used in the pressure-treatment process is of the highest quality eco-friendly preservative to protect timber from insect attack and rot, it doesn’t protect timber from the effects of weather. UV light is responsible for most damage to exposed wood because it changes or destroys the wood’s lignin, a component of wood that hardens and strengthens the cell walls. In more scientific terms this process is called photo-oxidation. Without additional protection UV rays from the sun will weather timber changing the colour to silvery grey. It is also recommended to keep all vegetation at least 24 inches away from wood surfaces to allow for adequate ventilation and drying out of these surfaces when wet. Moisture will negatively affect the lifespan and performance of a timber product, so it’s essential to add a high-quality protective water-repellent coating to our product to get the best possible life span. This is best undertaken with a solvent-based treatment during the summer months, so that it can soak into the dry wood. Clean the wood surfaces to remove all foreign materials from the wood prior to the application of an exterior finish system. The overall performance of even the best finish system is dependent upon proper surface preparation and application technique. A wide range of wood treatment products are available on request and at our showroom. The timber colour may vary dependant on the timber and chemical protection used.

See terms and conditions on the page header before submitting your order.

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